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New Hydraulic Test and Verification Room

Our new hydraulic test and verification room has been launched.

Mert Teknik is authorized service shop of the Sauer-Danfoss Co. since year 2000. The aim of the test room is to test Sauer-Danfoss products 100% under the load. The room contains two separated test benches. One of them is specially designed for test and verification of Sauer-Danfoss PVG 32, 100 and 120 proportional valves. The PVG 32, 100 and 120 valves could be tested and verified by 150 lpm @ 300 bars. Manual, hydraulic and electro hydraulic proportional valves can also be tested. More than 600 pcs different spools, 100 different modules and 55 different kind of on-off or proportional solenoids can be tested and verified by this bench. The PVG valve groups can be created module by module due to customer requirements and verified 100% by using this bench. The valves can be delivered same day with verification report to the customer. Steering units and hydraulic motors can also be tested at the same bench.

The other test bench is specially designed for Sauer-Danfoss products open and closed circuit pumps an motors. The inlet power of the benches is 280 HP- 2400 rpm. The displacement control type of the pump or motor can be manually, hydraulic proportional, electro hydraulic on-off (F-N-R), Electro hydraulic proportional, load sensing, pressure compensator. The efficiency, functionality and performance can be tested and if any repair is necessary, the component is repaired by using genuine service parts, and the final tests apply. The component can be delivered to the customer with the test reports.


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