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After 14 months of negotiations,  MERT TEKNİK A.Ş. finally made a long-term business partnership with Turkish leading planetary gearbox producer PDS-PLANET Ltd.

With this strategic partnership, MERT TEKNIK becomes "Projects, Technical Sales & Marketing Partner" of the Company. From now on, PDS-PLANET will only focus on producing high quality products & expanding its range of products upon market needs. All Sales & Marketing activities for PDS-PLANET products will be handled by MERT TEKNİK. The major objective of MERT TEKNIK will be to expand its overall market share in local market with the help of this new product range. Additionally, it will aim to increase export sales of this particular product in the following years.

As a powerful & reliable system provider in the Hydraulic & Pneumatic industry, MERT TEKNIK is now able to offer its hydraulic solutions with appropriate gearbox in related markets such as Wind Generators, Ship Cranes, Construction & Mobile Cranes, Agricultural Machines & many more.


PDS-PLANET is able to produce planetary gearboxes with 25 different body size, vertical & horizontal mounting positions, male & female output configurations, with nominal output torques from 1.000 Nm up to 2.000.000 Nm.


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