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As a leading manufacturer of high-quality and efficient drive technology ECKART has an emotional relation with its products. For ECKART machines are visions that came true, they are more than a composition of single parts. ECKART's motto has always been "Gateway for new technologies".

ECKART's product range comprises: hydraulic and pneumatic rotary actuators, rotary-linear actuators, linear cylinders and special devices.

ECKART's product quality and features make them very price appealing.

ECKART Hydraulik-Pneumatik

Hydraulic rotary actuators

  • 250 bar working pressure
  • 13 different scales between 40 ~ 300 mm piston diameter
  • Standard turning angles 90°, 180°, 270°, 360° can be crafted for desired angle.
  • Able to make sensitive angle adjustment
  • Can be adjusted both ways

Application areas

  • Mining
  • Ship building industry 
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Iron-Steel industry


E1 Type Actuators

E3 Type Actuators

SM1 Type Actuators

SM4 Type Actuators

SM5 Type Actuators

HSE4 Type Actuators


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