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CKD Corporation:

CKD's high-performance products have been developed from automated machine technologies. CKD is providing the appropriate system, including high-purity chemical gas/liquid control system, fluid control system, labor saving components best suited to the customer's needs.

CKD is promoting the development of environment-compatible products following CKD's environment policy. CKD employees strive to create products friendly to people and the environment while following this policy.



CKD Pneumatic Components:

A variety of products is available to respond to diverse needs such as fluid control, clean compliance, environmental measures and energy conservation. CKD applies its extensive results and know-how to the development and manufacturing of clean air systems and pneumatic auxiliary components such as FRL units and air dryers, expanding our line-up of system peripherals. This lineup includes electropneumatic regulators that control airflows, pneumatic control components such as open network compatible valves and drive components such as pneumatic cylinders and electric sliders that enable systems to be easily automated at low cost. As pioneers in pneumatic technology, CKD continuously developing products that accurately embraces market needs.

High-purity chemical gas/liquid control system:

Advanced industries such as semiconductors and LCDs require controllers for extra-clean environments. CKD is working constantly to provide customers with the ultimate in high purity and high precision in all semiconductor areas from supply to exhaust through ultra-high-level process control. CKD devices include chemical controllers, process gas controllers and high vacuum controllers.

Fluid control components:

Developing components and equipment for controlling and effectively using fluids such as water, air, gas, steam and oil is an important pillar of CKD's technology. This work involves developing a constantly growing variety of valves and system and environmental devices such as sprinklers, dust collectors, gas combustion systems, cleaning equipment and waste treatment systems. High quality and wide variation are the basis for CKD fluid control components.

Labor saving components:

CKD's implementation of development and manufacturing automation over the years has focused on high precision, high speed and low costs. CKD have implemented its original perspective and technology in creating products meeting user needs. CKD's index units, direct-drive actuators, pick and place units are available in a broad variety to satisfy the controllability, output performance, rigidity, speed and smoothness that customers require.


Pneumatic cylinders

Pneumatic valves

Pneumatic / vacuum auxiliary components

General purpose valve

Index Units


Vacuum System Components

For Clean Room Specification

High-purity chemical liquid systems

High-purity gas systems

Electric Actuator

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